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Wizme is an easy to use, ready-made, fast to implement intelligent meetings and events management system – built by and for those who handle meeting and event enquiries of all sizes and complexities.

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Industry Challenges

We understand the many pain-points and challenges in the meetings and events sector. Our experience as intermediaries, venues and corporate meeting organisers has shown us the embedded challenges of the industry:

Too many touch points as a result of no / low levels of automation in the life cycle of a meeting from enquiry to pay.

Still mainly a “voice” or “manual” based service where so many quick and simple tasks could be done automatically, enabling stakeholders to focus on the valuable tasks of meeting delivery.

With so much manual intervention and input, the service suffers. Slow, incomplete and inaccurate responses repeatedly result in delayed decisions, missed opportunities and client frustration.

Reporting is woeful.

We saw plenty of challenges to get our teeth into...

we made it our mission to address them with an uncompromised set of solutions that can grow with our customers, creating an ecosystem where the management of groups, meetings and events is streamlined and connected.

Our Solutions

The Wizme platform has three distinct solutions with excellent outcomes for:


All-in-One Venue Management Solution. Turn your team from order takers to revenue makers. Sync all teams to deliver memorable experiences.

Travel Management Companies and Intermediaries

Whether you are well established in delivering your customers a meetings and events service solution, or simply want to extend your services and lock in your customer further, our ready-made solution will give you the market edge.

Organisational Meeting Planners

You may oversee travel and meetings spend for your organisation or be an active meeting arranger as part of your role, Wizme has solutions to make life easier, more productive and ensure you look good with some amazing results.


“Wizme eases the process for both booking meetings and those accepting bookings at venues. I see it as the meetings equivalent of Uber. The platform is great and adds a different perspective to what is out there in the marketplace. It is extremely user-friendly. The innovative technology is shown throughout the platform - the tool is definitely an industry-changer.”

Mark Lewis

CEO, HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts

Our solutions are built with the following key principles:

Make it easy for the user

Create instant value and revenue opportunities

Bring visibility through cutting edge and intelligent reporting

Streamline processes so users can focus on the important things of the day

Deliver consistency in handling enquiries, quotes, contracts, invoicing and follow-ups, delighting customers every time

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