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Our Story

Meet our founder

Nour is a passionate hotelier, problem solver and refugee entrepreneur. Whilst gaining industry experience over the years, he has been shocked by the amount of manual work involved in booking a meeting or event. He knows how stressed, overloaded and frustrated it feels to be an event salesperson. Equally as the client, he also knows the booking experience can be very poor.

As a real People's person, Nour loves connecting and bringing others together. He believes that in the new world of distributed workforces, maintaining the power of human connections really matters. Nour recognised that it has always been an arduous and time-consuming task arranging and managing productive gatherings, hence the birth of Wizme - a solution to make things easy, effective and streamlined.

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Our mission is to empower our customers to seamlessly deliver successful meetings and events.


What we stand for

We are proud of our values, which define our team and the relationships we aspire to have with our customers, partners and investors.


We love the industry and want it to bloom sustainably. We develop solutions to allow people to fall in love with their job again.

Agile Craftmanship

Like a tailor we adapt solutions to the specific needs of our clients. We are very detail oriented on user experience. We can develop fast and allow our clients to manage their business with agility.


Our own history has taught us that caring is the pathway to problem solving on many levels. We value the wellbeing and job satisfaction of our users and their teams.


We empower all stakeholders to work smarter. Starting with the event managers and the end clients but also the senior leadership and of course our own teams!


We solve problems differently. We are not scared to challenge the status quo and re-engineer processes to make sure the life of all parties involved is easier.

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