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Wizme is built by an underprevileged engineering team that knows all too well the value of preserving our social & natural environment.

As a refugee from Syria, I know only too well the impact that such crises have on families, their health, education and economic well-being. For me, Wizme will always have a role to play to support people in a positive way and to do so as we grow and succeed, helping those in need.

Wizme donates 5% of its revenue to charity. Today we support Just a Drop, an amazing charity which aims to provide clean water and adequate sanitation globally. We are proud to support them in their goals and endeavours as an organisation.

Our business goal is to help bring people together safely and efficiently, to learn from one another and to drive economic prosperity. Our personal goal is to do our best for our planet and its people, especially those who are suffering in many parts of the world. As Wizme grows and flourishes, I am committed to giving back and helping to make a difference.

Nour Mouakke

Founder & CEO


Greengage is an independent environmental company that will provide fuss free, objective advice to create a greener and more resilient world. Working with Greengage, we encourage venues to deliver their best Net Zero Roadmap to address carbon and waste management whilst encouraging biodiversity in and around its environment.

Greengage will help ensure that venues enhance the environment, improve people’s health and well-being and create long term value for everyone in the community.

Wizme is keen to work with venues which are like-minded and hold high such values.

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Just a Drop

Just a Drop brings sustainable safe water, sanitation, and hygiene projects to communities across the world, transforming lives. So far, the charity has reached 1.8 million people across 32 countries with safe water and sanitation.

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Awards and market acknowledgements

As a relatively young business we have been delighted that our efforts, passion, and business results have turned heads and been recognised by many sectors of the technology, travel and meetings sector.

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