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You may oversee travel and meetings spend for your organisation or be an active meeting arranger as part of your role, Wizme has solutions to make life easier, more productive and ensure you look good with some amazing results.

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“Nour's vision for intelligent search, and moving towards artificial intelligence is a differentiator of Wizme and can be a key part of the value proposition as organizations and third parties (such as TMCs) seek to find ways to make their employees more consultative and have the tools to be able to leverage broader organization spend and know how in the buying decisions for individual events.”

Issa Jouaneh

CEO AZTQ Corporation, Founder Elevadas Inc.

Online Meeting Search

Online Meeting Search

Online meetings search, negotiate and book functionality – intuitive user design and just a few simple steps to get started

Streamlined Workflows

Streamlined workflow - Enquiry submissions, best price reverse auction and alternative date features, option and confirmation handling with action reminders at every stage.

Time Saving

Manage your entire meeting requirements - full audit trail and data of past, current and future bookings and enquiry activity.

Amazing Venue Choice

Access to 1000’s of venues around the world including hotels, sporting venues, historic sites and specialist training venues.

Payment Management

Financial management – manage payment processes.

Sustainability Sourcing

Feel confident in organising sustainable meeting and events with Wizmes inbuilt sustainable sourcing venue vendor content

Reduced Venue Pricing

Reduced handling times and smart pricing capabilities for Venues means these benefits can be past-down to you in lower prices and value-added benefits

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